A better Lab Assistant for iPad and iPhone

Friday, 8 August 2014 in Hivebench by Julien Thérier

Launched last January, Hivebench is now used by hundreds of scientists all around the world – a big thanks to all of you. Getting your lab notebook done has never been easier (we hope) but something was still missing.

Hivebench is a tool most useful… at lab bench. Yes, we have already released a mobile version for the iPad and the iPhone, but it was a bit too simple, more akin to a proof of concept.

Lab Assistant

We believe that Hivebench should be more than just an electronic lab notebook, it must become a “Lab Assistant” that helps you to manage your research. And where do you conduct experiments? At lab bench, not at your desk!

Download Hivebench for iPad and iPhone

So with all the expertise we have acquired developing PaperShip, we are very happy to bring you the first major update of the iPad and iPhone app, with significant improvements:

Hivebench for iPad

Roadmap for early adopters

But this is just the beginning!

Our goal is to deliver the same value and features on your mobile devices that what we developed for the Web. In the upcoming months, we will add an even better text editor, sharing options, a protocol database, and any good idea that will come from laboratories.

Hivebench for iPhone

If you don’t understand why everyone moved from mail to email whilst scientists stayed in the 20th century – i.e. paper notebooks are no longer the solution – you’re in good company with us.

But we need your support to do even better!

So please spread the word with your colleagues, give us feedback about the app, and motivate your lab/institution to install Hivebench on your own servers.