Inventories and reagents now available on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Thursday, 2 April 2015 in Hivebench by Vincent Tourraine

Just like a chef needs ingredients, a scientist needs reagents. Of course, no one wants to waste time managing an inventory, but that’s exactly the reason why Hivebench makes it easier for you. Starting today, you will be able keep track of your reagents from our iPhone, iPad, and Mac applications.

Reagents on iPad and iPhone

Managing inventories

On Hivebench, you manage reagents inside inventories.

An inventory can be shared among multiple users, so you can have one for your lab and one specific to a particular project, for instance. You can view and edit this list of users at any time: right-click, then “Edit Inventory” on the Mac, tapping “Edit” from the main menu on iPhone and iPad.

Of course, the interesting part is to visualize the reagents themselves. In this view, you’ll find all the details from your Hivebench reagents library: name, price, unit size, website address, location, and expiration date. You can search for reagents, add new entries, and archive the one you no longer need.

On the Mac, you can even configure the reagents table, by clicking on a column header to sort the items, or drag around a header to reorder the columns. Better yet, you can export an entire inventory as a CSV file, or import new entries from an Excel spreadsheet. All these features are already available on the web application, but they are generally nicer to operate from a native application.

Reagents on the Mac

Tracking reagents inside experiments

Managing your reagents becomes even more useful when you start tracking them inside your experiments.

When editing an experiment or a protocol, you will now find a “Insert Reagent” button. This option lets you select a reagent from one of your inventories, and adds a reference inside your notebook.

This reference works both ways: click on the reagent inside an experiment to open up the details, or browse the experiments related to a particular reagent from the inventory.

The feature is really important. You probably don’t need it all the time, but when you use it, it will make your notebook a lot more meaningful. Hivebench gives you a simple interface to do more, with less effort: a better way to manage reagents for your lab.

Insert reagents on iPad and iPhone

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