Meet the new Hivebench

Thursday, 30 January 2014 in Hivebench by Damien Mathieu

At shazino, we are continuously looking for new ways to help you do your research. That’s why almost one year ago, we introduced Hivebench.

During the past year, we have been working to improve your experience on Hivebench, using continuous integration methods to deploy new versions several times a day, which allows us to be very reactive to your feedback.

A few months ago though, something became clear to us. Our interface was way too complicated, and it was more and more complicated for our users to efficiently discover it and quickly master it.
So we decided to pivot and reboot the application.

Today, we happily deployed that new version in our cloud platform at


What’s new?

While we’ve keeped some key points like:

We’ve also been focused on a few features like:


Our pricing model has quite changed too.


We have decided to make the cloud version of Hivebench free to use with some limits. All of your data on the cloud platform remains private of course.

However, by signing up for the “Open Science” plan on Hivebench, you commit towards doing your best to publish and share your experimental results to the scientific community.

If you need to go over those limits, don’t want or can’t share your experimental results with the scientific community, we invite you to get in touch with us for our in-house installation.

What’s next?

Of course, shipping this new version is not an end for us. Like we have been doing for the past year of Hivebench being publicly released, we’re going to keep fixing bugs and implementing new features.
Stay tuned by following our Twitter account to know about all the new things in Hivebench!

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