Introducing Hivebench

Thursday, 7 March 2013 in Hivebench by Julien Thérier


Lyon, France

Open Science start-up Shazino releases Hivebench, a web platform to help biology researchers collaborate and organize their experimental results.

Today Shazino, a Lyon-based start-up, announced the release of Hivebench, an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) designed as a web platform.

This release contributes to the burgeoning Open Science movement of increased collaboration and data sharing within the research community, akin to the Open Source movement which has transformed software development and computer science in recent years.

Biotechnology research labs rely on notebooks to plan their experiments, gather new data, and keep track of corresponding discoveries.

These notebooks are expected to comply with FDA regulations in order to ensure the integrity of the entries in terms of time, authorship, and content.

Dr. Julien Thérier, founder of Shazino, explained:

We built the Hivebench platform with the idea of Open Science in mind. Researchers can plan their upcoming experiments and consult their labmates agendas.

They can manage their protocols as well as the laboratory resources, from reagents to materials. They can use mobile apps to bring this knowledge everywhere.

By organizing the research activity, we allow them to access this new high-value data alongside their experimental results, all in one place - while also increasing the open distribution of biology data.

We truly believe that these kinds of connections will create an ecosystem of innovative, interlinked laboratories that will move the scientific community forward.

Our motto is Open Source for Open Science!

About Shazino:

Shazino is a Lyon-based start-up which provides innovative platforms and apps for biological scientists. The company was founded by biology and computer science researchers dedicated to improving workflows in research labs.

Since it launched a year ago, the young company has released a set of iPhone and iPad apps (Fast Counter, Laboratory Timer, and that facilitates lab bench work, as well as a web application for research and laboratory management, Hivebench.

For more information, contact:
Dr Julien Thérier, CEO / Founder,
Shazino,, +33 672 649 239