Laboratory Timer now on your Apple Watch

Friday, 24 April 2015 in Laboratory Timer by Vincent Tourraine

Time is critical for successful experimental results. This is why we’re very excited to announce that our iPhone application, Laboratory Timer, is now available on the Apple Watch.

Laboratory Timer on Apple Watch

Since Apple unveiled its new device last year, a lot of people have been wondering why you would want a so-called “smartwatch”. For scientists, there’s an obvious answer: to track the time for your experiments. Most of you already use a dedicated device (a “lab timer”), or an app, like our own “Laboratory Timer” for the iPhone and iPod touch.

What if instead of carrying your timer or your phone around the lab, just to keep an eye on your ongoing experiments, you could simply look at your watch? All the timers you need, right on your wrist.

Available today, Laboratory Timer 2.0 now includes a “Watch App”. This is the same iPhone application, but if you have an Apple Watch paired with your phone, you’ll see the application appear on your watch too. All the timers you have on your phone will be reflected, in real-time, on the Apple Watch. You can see the active timers in blue, and the ones that have expired in red. It also displays the title associated to each timer, to keep track of the different experiments.

Laboratory Timer on Apple Watch, Sport, Edition

Download the app now for free on the App Store, and tell us what you think. Happy experimenting!