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Tuesday, 3 September 2013 in PaperShip by Vincent Tourraine

New iOS app brings Zotero libraries and PDF annotation to mobile devices.


Lyon, France.

Shazino announces PaperShip 2.0, an iPad and iPhone client for the Zotero research management software which allows students and scientists to access their documents everywhere. Zotero, the free research management software, offers millions of users a useful way to manage and share scholarly publications.

iPad PaperShip

Designed for iPad and iPhone, PaperShip syncs with users’ Zotero libraries, providing access to all items stored inside them. To add new references, it also imports directly from the web and automatically downloads full text PDFs when available. Each PDF can be annotated and highlighted, then stored back within the library with every modification saved. Annotated documents can also be shared via email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter.

PaperShip includes a user-friendly interface designed as an email inbox. Each new paper is saved within the library and organized in chronological order from the one downloaded most recently to the oldest. Each one of them can be marked as “read” or “unread” as well as favourited. When a user is done with a paper, it can be archived in different folders or subfolders for ease of management. A search feature with the possibility to filter by title, author and keywords is also available. When selected, an overview of all pages within a paper can be chosen to rapidly go where needed.

Finally, PaperShip displays the significance of publications by providing web-based metrics known as altmetrics. Online activities around a scholarly work are taken into account, such as the number of times a paper had been downloaded. With PaperShip, even non-peer-reviewed literature impact is measured, including Open Access publications. For such needs, the donut-shaped graphic from the Altmetric company is added to the PaperShip interface via the Altmetric application programming interface (API).

Professor Sean Takats, director of the Zotero project at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, praised PaperShip for its innovative use of the Zotero API:

“We’re delighted to see a science-focused developer like Shazino bringing Zotero’s unique import and synchronization features to iOS users. PaperShip is also the first mobile app to offer full annotation functionality to PDFs stored in Zotero libraries.”

Dr. Julien Thérier, founder of Shazino, explained:

“Like the Sparrow or Mailbox apps which enhance the email management capabilities by using the Gmail API, we wanted to facilitate the way scientists do literature review by using the APIs provided by Zotero and Altmetric. Through this, our goal is to supply academics with the necessary key resources to achieve optimum research management. In this spirit, we also open-sourced the software development kits we developed for the Zotero and Altmetric APIs. Our motto is Open Source for Open Science!”

PaperShip 2.0 will be available for free in the App Store on Monday 2nd of September 2013 (Academic year start). To expand its management potential, it also offers in-app purchases to enhance the annotation features (notes, highlights and drawings).

Shazino is an independent start-up not affiliated with Zotero or Altmetric.


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About Shazino

Shazino is a Lyon-based start-up which provides innovative platforms and apps for biological scientists. The company was founded by biology and computer science researchers dedicated to improving workflows in research labs. In addition to the PaperShip app, the young company has released a set of iPhone and iPad apps (Fast Counter and Laboratory Timer) that facilitate lab bench work, as well as a web application for research and laboratory management, Hivebench. Shazino is also involved in the Open Source movement with the release of two open sourced software development kits SZNZotero and SZNAltmetric.

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